EUR/NZD - Target at 1.5920

EUR/NZD target at 1.5920

We have a nice five wave rally of the 1.5398 low. The ideal target for wave v of 1 is at 1.5920, we could of course see an extension higher towards 1.5965, but no matter what a minor top should be close by.

The five wave rally tells us, that we should expect only a correction, once wave v finally is in place. After the correction a new impulsive rally should be seen.

As we can count five nice wave up from 1.5398 and have a minor triangle as wave iv, we know that we are in the final move higher of this impulsive rally, before a correction lower to 1.5555 takes over.

Hey EWS,

I just wanted to thank you for your insight and your vision.

The Crude Oil call was spectacular as well as the SP 500 call. Just to name a few.

I appreciate all that you do.

Hi Elliotwavesurfer,

Your forecast of the EURUSD waves and reversals on Brexit day were spot on! This was not chaos, the crowd followed a pattern!

GBPUSD was abolutely 100% too!Unbelievably accu...
Love the good work, most accurate I’ve found in my research. Darryl