EUR/CHF - Target between 1.2000 - 1.2033 almost reached

EUR/CHF target between 1.2000 - 1.2033 almost reached

The huge ending diagonal, that has been unfolding since mid-May 2013 is almost finished, all we need is the final decline towards the 1.2000 - 1.2033 area to end this ending diagonal and set the stage for a major rally back to 1.2649 over the coming 6 - 8 months.

Short term a break above 1.2116 will confirm that wave e is over and a new impulsive rally is developing.

The only demand we have to this final decline is, that it doesn't break below 1.1953. A break below 1.1953 will make wave c the smallest wave and that is not allowed under the EWP. A break below 1.1953 will force a recount of the decline from 1.2649.

Hey EWS,

I just wanted to thank you for your insight and your vision.

The Crude Oil call was spectacular as well as the SP 500 call. Just to name a few.

I appreciate all that you do.

Its been a pleasure over the years I have been following you and even better as a member the education you provide in my view is invaluable you can read books as I have but to see how you evolve your ...
phenomenal new service EWS, I have followed you for 18 months and the exceptional analysis continues unabated! I look forward to the daily updates focusing on the most interesting and potentially lucr...