USD/SGD - Is correcting towards at least 1.2815

USD/SGD is correcting towards at least 1.2815 

Wave 1 ended at 1.3099 and we are currently in wave 2 towards at least 1.2815 a more normal target would be in the range from 1.2670 - 1.2728 from where I expect wave 3 to take off again.

That said, we have to be aware, that second waves are allowed to correct all of the first wave. 

Hey EWS,

Great work on the GBPCAD and the NZDCAD. These are the type of opportunities that I am looking for, monthly turns caught with daily or hourly entries. Easy money!!

Dear Elliottwavesurfer,

Awesome action in your crude oil surfing 2019! Jumping these waves is a sure way out of economic slavery.
You deserve a slot on MSM. But that would be the end unfortunately...
Hi Elliotwavesurfer,

You’re in better shape than ever before!

Talking about your recent Brent & WTI analysis.
Awesome & deeply appreciated.

You’re top of the list together with Marty Arm...