EUR/JPY - The donwside is still dominant

EUR/JPY the downside is still dominant

I'm still looking for blue wave v to move lower towards 137.69 and possibly even lower towards 136.67 as long as minor resistance at 138.51 protects the upside. that said, we have to remember that blue wave v and red wave iii have fulfilled all requirements and that a flat shallow red wave iv correction should be expected soon.

Longer term I'm still looking for lower levels towards the 23.6% corrective target of the rally from 94.10 to 145.69 at 133.52 as a minimum target.   

Your work is exceptional and glad I found you.
I have been a fan of you blog for several years!
I am so impressed at your renewal.
Elliott wave analysis is so difficult to me, but so interesting and useful.

Thank you
Hey EWS,

Great work on the GBPCAD and the NZDCAD. These are the type of opportunities that I am looking for, monthly turns caught with daily or hourly entries. Easy money!!