EUR/JPY - The donwside is still dominant

EUR/JPY the downside is still dominant

I'm still looking for blue wave v to move lower towards 137.69 and possibly even lower towards 136.67 as long as minor resistance at 138.51 protects the upside. that said, we have to remember that blue wave v and red wave iii have fulfilled all requirements and that a flat shallow red wave iv correction should be expected soon.

Longer term I'm still looking for lower levels towards the 23.6% corrective target of the rally from 94.10 to 145.69 at 133.52 as a minimum target.   

Sublime Counts!
Hi Surfer,

Super calls !! And analysis.

Bravo for your brexit call !!
Whats next?

Ull need to update all indices!

phenomenal new service EWS, I have followed you for 18 months and the exceptional analysis continues unabated! I look forward to the daily updates focusing on the most interesting and potentially lucr...