EUR/USD - Downtrend persists, but momentum is weak

EUR/USD - Downtrend persists, but momentum is weak 

The downtrend from 1.1494 persists, but momentum is becoming very weak and the ending diagonal also sends us a signal, that this downtrend soon will be coming to an end for a corrective rally towards the origin of the ending diaonal at 1.0830.

Short term, the move lower towards 1.0530 and maybe even lower to 1.0481 will remain in focus as long as minor resistance at 1.0605 protects the upside, but a break above here, indicates that wave iii has come to an end and that a shallow sideways consolidation in wave iv towards 1.0830 should be expected. 

Great job this week!! Wish that I had more capital to capitalize on all of your great calls! The ones that I have managed to catch have been extremely profitable. I really appreciate you sharing you v...
Hey EWS,

Great work on the GBPCAD and the NZDCAD. These are the type of opportunities that I am looking for, monthly turns caught with daily or hourly entries. Easy money!!

Dear Elliottwavesurfer,

Awesome action in your crude oil surfing 2019! Jumping these waves is a sure way out of economic slavery.
You deserve a slot on MSM. But that would be the end unfortunately...