GBP/USD - Breaking support near 1.4485 calls for a decline to 1.4024

GBP/USD - Breaking support near 1.4485 calls for a decline to 1.4024 

The break below support near 1.4485 confirms that an impulsive decline from 1.4664 has been seen and calls for more downside pressure to 1.4024 and lower for the coming days/weeks. 

Short term, the downside momentum will stay intact as long as minor resistance at 1.4485 is able to hold. The next minor downside target to look for is seen at 1.4439 and below here 1.4371. 

A break above minor resistance at 1.4485 will call for a correction towards 1.4594 before lower again. 

Longer term, much lower levels should be seen, with an ultimate break below 1.3834 calling for a continuation lower to 1.3344.  

Great call on nat gas

Just wanted to drop you a note to say great call on nat gas as it held 2.67

Great job.

Hi Elliotwavesurfer,

Your forecast of the EURUSD waves and reversals on Brexit day were spot on! This was not chaos, the crowd followed a pattern!

GBPUSD was abolutely 100% too!Unbelievably accu...
Hi Surfer,

Super calls !! And analysis.

Bravo for your brexit call !!
Whats next?

Ull need to update all indices!