Gold - In its final stages higher

Gold in its final stages higher

Gold is in its final stages higher both price and time wise.

I will be looking for a continuation higher to 1,345.56 to end wave v price-wise, but from the time analysis we knew that this week ideally should terminate wave v too, so it all seems to come together perfectly.

Short term we ideally will see support at 1,322.26 protect the downside for the final rally closer to 1,345.56.

Hi Elliotwavesurfer,

Your forecast of the EURUSD waves and reversals on Brexit day were spot on! This was not chaos, the crowd followed a pattern!

GBPUSD was abolutely 100% too!Unbelievably accu...
Your work is exceptional and glad I found you.
Great call on nat gas

Just wanted to drop you a note to say great call on nat gas as it held 2.67

Great job.