Silver - Is testing important resistance at 18.51

Silver - Is testing important resistance at 18.51  

Silver is trying to break above the Inverse S/H/S bottoms neckline near 18.00 and more importantly above resistance at 18.51 and if the later is broken too, then a rally towards the measured S/H/S target at 22.05 should be expected as a minimum, but this rally could easily extend higher towards 25.10. 

The Inverse S/H/S neckline at 18.00 will now shift from resistance to support and will ideally protect the downside, but only a break below support at 17.52 will question the break above the neckline. 

Great call on nat gas

Just wanted to drop you a note to say great call on nat gas as it held 2.67

Great job.

Hi Elliotwavesurfer,

Your forecast of the EURUSD waves and reversals on Brexit day were spot on! This was not chaos, the crowd followed a pattern!

GBPUSD was abolutely 100% too!Unbelievably accu...
Love the good work, most accurate I’ve found in my research. Darryl