Torben Melsted

Torben is the founder of Elliott Wave Surfer International and his experience spans back to 1986, when he began working for Danmarks biggest savings bank as a Foreign Exchange Advicer. During the first couple of years, technical analysis and more so the Elliott Wave Principle was unknown territory to him, but in early 1989 after a 15% collapse in AUD/USD, he was introduced to the Elliott Wave Principle.

In his reseach for a deeper understanding of the Elliott Wave Principle he was led to the work of Frost and Prechter (Key To Stock Market Profits) and Robert R. Prechter's (The Major Works of R.N. Elliott). This new insight to the Elliott Wave Principle has been a passion for Torben ever since. He has applied the Elliott Wave Principle to every major asset class over the years. He has been counting waves and making forecasts for 1000s of hours over the years, making him one of the top Elliotticians out there.

He has published his forecasts for the banks clients and since March 2010 he has run a blog (The Elliott Wave Surfer) in his spare time, but with this new website he wants to dedicate all his time and long term passion, helping traders/investors around the world learning how to apply the Elliott Wave Principle in real time and transform their trading results in the best way possible.  



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I apply R.N. Elliott's "The Wave Principle" to historical market price activity which categorizes and interprets the progress of future price patterns according to this methodology. Whilst it may be reasonable to deduce a course of action regarding investments as a result of such application, at no time or on any occasion will specific securities, futures, options or commodities of any kind be recommended for purchase or sale. Publications containing forecasts are therefore intended for information purposes only. Any opinion contained in these reports is only a statement of my views and is based on information I believe to be reliable, but no guarantee is given as to its accuracy or completeness. Markets are volatile and therefore subject to rapid and unexpected price changes. Any person, firm or company relying on information contained in these reports does so at her or his own risk.

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