1) Gain access to view real time Elliott wave counts from a leading Elliottician. You will get access to most major forex pairs and crosses, stocks indices and commodities.


2) Gain access to hourly, daily, weekly and monthly forcast, with clear counts that will make them understandable for all levels of traders from the top professional right through to the beginner.


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What some of my readers said about me.


Chucks on EUR/JPY: "You dont just give update of the market but YOU ACTUALLY PREDICT THE MARKET, ever since I started following your PREDICTIONS on EUR/JPY, I have had no losses on any order I placed on EUR/JPY rather I made profits"

Vivek on Dow Jones Industrial Index: "I still remember thinking to my self "Really????" when you called for an expanding top formation in the Dow, when it was a 14,000 odd, calling for a move to 16,400 odd. And here we are now. AMAZING" 

As an Elliottician I have 1000s of hours behind me. I have counted waves on any financial market possible. I have use the Elliott Wave Prinicple during my time as Currency Advicer, as Financial Risk Manager for one of largest companies in Denmark and in my private affairs.